December 2018
Press release

Gault & Millau 2019

For the 26th time, the Gault&Millau Wine Guide honours best winemakers and wines in Germany

"The grand Juliusspital is by no means a sluggish ship that needs a kilometer-long braking distance before it can change course. Rather, even after hundreds of years of operation, the company has proven itself to be flexible and able to claim increasing quality. ...The wines were always on a great level, but you can feel the handwriting of their young oenologist Nicolas Frauer more and more. He doesn't want to be in the middle segment with large quantities. Instead, he is peering into Burgundy, and that skillfully. This becomes most obvious in the Weißburgunder from the Volkacher Karthäuser, with aromas of chamomile and fresh bread. Frauer has also left the typical angularity of the Steigerwald region to the Silvaners and added elegance. It is interesting to observe the changes in style that’s taking place in the Juliusspital. More risk - more exciting wines. The three grapes turn red with joy."

The best scores:

88 points │ 2017 Iphöfer Kronsberg Silvaner dry VDP.ERSTE LAGE

88 points │ 2017 Rödelseer Küchenmeister Silvaner dry VDP.ERSTE LAGE

88 points │ 2017 Würzburger Stein Riesling dry VDP.ERSTE LAGE

89 points │ 2017 Würzburger Stein Silvaner dry VDP.ERSTE LAGE

89 points │ 2016 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner dry VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS

89 points │ 2016 Würzburger Stein Riesling dry VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS

90 points │ 2016 Würzburger Stein Silvaner dry VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS

92 points │ 2016 Volkacher Karthäuser Weißer Burgunder dry VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS

91 points │ 2014 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner Trockenbeerenauslese