Fulfilling the common mission with pride.

We are team J.

The Juliusspital Foundation is large - with around 180 hectares of vineyards, it is actually the second largest wine estate in Germany. This makes it even more important to work hand in hand in order to achieve our goals as a team. For over 440 years, the foundation's social mission has motivated us to support its heritage and shape the future. This becomes apparent in everything we do!

Largest Silvaner wine estate

Member of VDP.Die Prädikatsweingüter

Team work

We strive for excellence.

Our philosophy

Wine is our passion and, for us, the wine’s quality starts on the vine. We cultivate through sustainable viticulture with "gentle pruning" and strict yield reduction. It's the complete opposite in the cellar: "Controlled idleness" – preserving and carefully forming what nature gave us.

gentle pruning

controlled idleness

with passion & dedication

The mission is the message: Excellent wines.

The best wine sites in Franconia

The Juliusspital vineyards are spread across more than 100 km and the whole of Franconia. Our vines are planted on the Franconian Triassic - a three-part rock formation made of red sandstone, shell limestone and keuper – which is unique in all the wine-growing regions. It is an honour for us to be able to own and maintain the best locations in Franconia, for they are home to our excellent wines. The wine has been a part of our history since 1576 - that's what you call experience in wine-growing.

red sand stone, shell limestone, keuper

the best wine sites in Franconia

collective anticipation

Yesterday, today was already tomorrow.

The Princes' Building - a Würzburg landmark

In 1576, Prince Bishop Julius Echter founded the Juliusspital Foundation with its charitable mission. Then, as now, the social areas of the Juliusspital Foundation devoted themselves to this mission - in the hospital, the senior citizens' foundation and hospice and palliative medicine. The winery has been part of the Foundation from the very beginning. The winery's profits have always contributed to fulfilling its social responsibilities.

more than 440 years of history

Founded by Julius Echter

Preserve the old, discover the new

Walls that tell stories.

Our history since 1576

The Juliusspital Foundation is located in the center of Würzburg. The Princes' Building – or Fürstenbau - is the foundation's emblem and the ancient barrel cellar is our home. The Juliusspital winery lives and operates in these buildings. The history is impressive and ever-present, but the Juliusspital is no museum. Because this is where wines are made! On guided tours visitors experience the history close up. Let yourself be impressed by the size, appearance, and historical atmosphere of the 220 meters of our wine cellar!
The Juliusspital is also home to a modern cellar which features the newest technology and shows the current, younger face of the Juliusspital.

valuable history

250 ancient barrels for 10,000 hectoliters of wine

spectacular workplace